Types of Digital Signage Service Providers

There is a sea of digital signage service providers in Dubai. But which ones are the best? Which ones are the most dependable? These are just some of the questions that you need to consider when looking for a signage provider. And if you are a business based in Dubai, it will be very helpful to look into at least one digital signage company in Dubai.

digital signage service providers

There are digital signage service providers that have in-store displays in all five Dubai stores including Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai Foodworld and Dubai Shopping Festival. The in-store display from these companies include LED, LCD, projection, LED Cinema, plasma and LED. On the other hand, there are also companies that offer digital signage service providers who have in-house fleet of LED and LCD displays. These signs are deployed throughout the shops in Dubai malls, marinas, and foodworlds to inform the customers about sales, appointment reminders and new items/ offers that are on offer.

Apart from in-store and fleet displays, digital signage service providers also offer other services such as ticketing and electronic signage. When you enter a store, what you see on your screen? Are the pictures of products that you are checking out eye-level? Or are they buried so far down that you have to turn up two or three times to read them? What about when the store has multiple images – one for each product category – placed in an irregular pattern on its screens? If you go through these signs regularly, then perhaps you should consider digital signage as your store’s in-store display.

The second type of digital signage service providers are the ones that offer digital advertising. Here, they use both in-store and online digital displays. Their goal is to create brand awareness through this medium. One example of a company creating social media ads using this strategy is Coca Cola, which has several ad units running in malls across the country. In fact, they have been running these ads for several years now, with some of them getting quite popular with the public. Another example is McDonald’s, which has an animated ad unit running in various McDonald’s restaurants across the US.

While most digital signage service providers offer online services, there are still a few of them that offer in-store advertising as well. What this entails is having their displays installed in strategic locations around the retail establishment, like in the checkout lanes. Again, the software solution is used to manage these displays, which usually includes touch screen panels and other interactive features. It is worth noting that even though this form of in-store advertising is relatively new, it is already starting to catch up with other traditional forms of marketing.

The third form of digital signage service providers is those offering in-store displays that are used in conjunction with social media advertising campaigns. This is actually what most of us call a mixed strategy, where the signage is part of a campaign, but it can also be used to complement social media campaigns as well. A prime example of a company using this strategy is Dunkin’ Donuts, which has several different models of donut displays located in its stores. Some of them display donuts straight from the freezer, while others give the option of picking a favorite one from the fridge. They also have a ‘nutrient’ board that shows customers which of their favorite flavors Nutrisystem has in store.