Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosk In Manhasset Hills, NYC

digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk in Manhasset Hills, NYC

The hands-free system is not new, but now it has been put to use by a digital signage manufacturer in New York. In fact, the kiosk manufacturer is installing the digital signage system at several locations in the Big Apple. But why? Why install a digital signage sanitizing system in the first place?

There are two primary reasons why this system is being placed in locations throughout the city, and no, it’s not to combat the spread of germs. Instead, the manufacturers want to give their customers an added measure of security when they are out and about in the great outdoors. That means that with every digital signage sanitizing system that is installed in high traffic areas like Times Square Park or even outside the Central Park gates, they will have an additional line of defense against the spreading of germs. Of course, the Sanitation Department will be happy to see that they are being extra careful about keeping the area clear of any unnecessary bacteria.

But why stop there? Why not place the digital signage sanitizing system in other high crime areas too such as outside luxury hotels, tourist attractions, or even outside large shopping malls? You get the idea. It’s all about public relations. And why not take advantage of this great tool for effective communication between the police and the general public while also promoting a healthy lifestyle and protecting the people who visit those sites?

So what kinds of diseases can you prevent through a sanitizing system installed along a popular route or near popular spots? Well, for starters, they can reduce the risk of getting the hepatitis B virus (BV). And yes, you can get tested for it. There are no needles involved with these signs, thus eliminating the risk of disease exchange. These signs will also inform travelers of hot spots they should avoid and other information related to sanitizing their hands.

The new signs are easy to read in any weather. Plus, they are easy on the eyes. They blend in well into the background so they don’t take up unnecessary space on the streets, sidewalks, or in public places.

The digital signage technology is relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising methods. For example, LCD TV ads account for several billions of dollars a year, but a single sign can’t compete with that. And that’s just the beginning. There are many more benefits. You’ll find them as you explore the various uses for this interesting new form of technology.