5 Digital Signage Apps For Android

If you’re looking for a digital signage app for Android, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed several popular options in this article, including OptiSigns, Look DS, and Promota. Which one should you download? Read on to learn more about each one and see how they compare. You might also find a good free digital signage app for Android on the Google Play store.


If you are looking for an app for your digital signage, you’ve likely come across OptiSigns. This app is a popular publisher on the Google Play market, with over 1.9K downloads. The app offers an easy-to-use interface and a range of advanced features. It also allows you to manage your content through a range of customizable features and playlists. You can even schedule and customize content, so you don’t have to spend hours learning how to use the application.

As the name suggests, OptiSigns is a CMS software company based in Houston, Texas that offers digital signage solutions. The software works on various hardware, including the Raspberry Pi, the BrightSign, Roku, and LG Commercial. OptiSigns also supports Amazon devices, such as the $30 Fire stick. You can easily create your own digital signage content by uploading images and videos in the app.


The digital signage app offers a powerful scheduling feature that allows you to create campaigns, set specific hours for content, and even automate the display of content. Its innovative technology is designed to improve the quality of content and reduce reliance on an internet connection. Its social media and RSS feed integrations are second to none. NowSignage helps businesses to build audience engagement by displaying content where customers are.

With this Android application, you can turn any display into a digital signage display. All you need is an Android device and access to the Google Play store. After downloading the NowSignage app, you can start updating your digital signage content and linking to your social media presence. Its ad-supported app lets you customize your content and link it back to your website. With this feature, you can create dynamic, engaging digital signage that keeps your audience engaged.


The LOOK DS digital signage app is a simple yet effective way to manage your digital signage. The app allows you to program content remotely. You can split the screen into several parts to play diverse content at the same time. This means that your audience will never be bored while watching your content. The app even offers a broadcast schedule so you can program your content and play it when your audience is nearby.

The LOOK DS digital signage app is an Android OS based application that turns any digital screen into a professional-looking, interactive screen. It is backed by the Look Digital Signage Software and allows you to manage content and create playlists and group screens. It uses a secure cloud server powered by Amazon. Users have given the LOOK DS digital signage app a 4-star rating.


The promota digital signage app for Android offers many features to enhance the digital signage experience for businesses. The app comes with easy-to-use features like content scheduling, video tagging, and media library management. Moreover, users can schedule the content and publish it on multiple screens. It is also compatible with Android devices and Chrome OS. In addition, users can schedule the content to be shown on their displays on specific times. The app has a basic starter plan for $18 per screen, which includes unlimited players and content.

The UCView server software package allows users to create location targeted ads and integrate free content from multiple sources. In addition, the software is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux. It gives users the flexibility to decide what works best for their business. It is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. It is available on Google Play. UCView’s app is compatible with various digital signage hardware. UCView is a leading provider of digital signage solutions. It offers a comprehensive solution and is available in multiple languages. Its innovative software will boost the use of digital signage in several industries and restructure the way it targets consumers.

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With ScreenCloud, you can use any screen to display content for a variety of purposes. You can add, schedule, and manage content for any number of screens, no matter where they’re located. The cloud-based solution even lets you manage all your screens from your computer. Displaying company news, latest offers, or social media feeds has never been easier. ScreenCloud lets you customize and deploy your digital signage solution without any technical expertise.

This app works on Android TV, and it includes everything needed for digital signage, including a web-based account and a screen. ScreenCloud also integrates seamlessly with other apps, allowing you to create multiple screens with a single account. For more advanced setup, you can use multiple devices and use a single account for all. And once you’re done with all of your screens, you can even sync them with multiple screens at once!https://www.youtube.com/embed/icnvR3UyucE