Outdoor Digital Signage Kiosk – Important Digital Signage Features

Nowadays, it has become a common dilemma for users such as media firm who need to deploy outdoor digital signage kiosk in their premises and AV service integrators who’s in charge of proper installation and maintenance activities on how to select outdoor digital signage kiosk content and digital signage kiosk. Most of the organizations have no prior experience of installing these kiosks and thus are completely unaware of the various parameters which need to be kept in mind while installing these outdoor digital signage kiosk. It has been seen that most of the organizations have failed to install these outdoor digital signage kiosk due to lack of knowledge and expertise. The failure to install them can result in immediate complaints from the tenants, owners or clients etc. which will lead to negative publicity and inconvenience to the client. So, prior to undertaking any outdoor digital signage kiosk installation, make sure that you have the complete prior information about the entire process of installation.

outdoor digital signage kiosk

There are certain basic things which you must keep in mind while installing outdoor digital signage kiosk in order to avoid any inconvenience. Before installing these kiosks, make sure that the external temperature of the location where you are going to install these kiosks is less than 40 degrees. In this regard, you must use a proper fans cooling system which is especially made for providing proper cooling to these electronic devices. These fans are specially designed to reduce the internal temperature of these devices. This will ensure proper functioning of your electronic equipment.

In order to provide adequate brightness to your outdoor digital signage display, you must use high quality LED bulbs. The LED bulbs should be placed as close to the display as possible. Further, in order to enhance the brightness of your display, you can use dimmer switch which controls the brightness of the LED bulbs. Make sure that your display has enough space between the totem pole and the backlight source. The space should be provided so that you can mount your display without any complication. Further, the gap between the backlight source and the totem pole should not be more than 1 inch.

When you are installing outdoor digital signage kiosk in your business premise or any other such location, there are certain things which you should consider in order to get maximum benefits from your display. The first thing which you should keep in mind is that you should provide sufficient space to the user so that he/she can access all the interactive features of the display. The size of the display should be such that it can accommodate all your graphical content such as texts, logos, images, animations and other visual content. Another most important thing which you need to consider is the working principle of these devices. If you want to get good display with high working principle, then you should use high brightness LEDs. Further, you should not install flashing backlight on these displays.

Most of the people think that outdoor digital signage kiosk consists of only one working mode such as text messaging. However, the fact is that these devices come with many other features like data management, media player and e-mail client. If you want to display some multimedia effect on your digital signage device, then you need to use the media player feature which is provided by these devices. If you want to display the media files on your kiosks, then you can use Flash player software which is included in the installation CD.

The media player option is very beneficial for the owners of retail shops as it allows the customers to select their favorite songs and play them at the back ground while waiting in the queue. If you want to provide more information about your company to the users using outdoor digital signage kiosk, then you can include the contact details, e-mail address and an online form in the interactive digital signage displays. This will allow the users to get in touch with you and give you valuable customer feedback. Thus, placing some free signs around the edges of your premises will help you to increase your customer base.

Another feature which you can incorporate in the digital signage solution of your business premises is the LCD display panel which is used for displaying the images or messages. These panels are available in different sizes and shapes and you can place one of them on the most visible place in your shop. However, there is one very important thing which you should keep in mind before you decide to install the display panel in your store. Make sure that you have sufficient power supply and also the required technology to support the LCD display panel. The temperature control feature is also very useful in the case when you want to display animated graphics on the LCD display panel of your digital signage solution.

One of the most important things which you must install in your store is the totem display system which is mainly installed in favor of the visual attraction of the signage. The best thing about these digital display systems is that they are completely customizable according to your own needs and requirements. There are various types of totems display options available in the market but the most popular and ideal option for outdoor digital signage is the LCD screen totem display system which is extremely beneficial for the display of graphics like videos and images. There are numerous other options as well like the HD projector mounted displays and the video intercoms which can also increase the benefits of your digital signage solutions.