An Introduction to Digital Wine Cooler

Avanti 40 bottle digital wine cooler is a smart investment for any modern kitchen. With its sleek black metal cabinet and sturdy brushed nickel door trim, the Avanti 40 bottle digital wine cooler compliments any kitchen. The stainless steel paned glass door is also reversible and has an integrated door knob. This unit comes with a two-gallon stainless steel bottle capacity and four extra bottles with different bottle designs. The cooler also includes a magnetic cooler rack and an adjustable magnetic cooler cap that will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for longer.

digital wine cooler

This digital wine cooler is perfect for any home wine cellar. It allows for optimal temperature control for your collection of wine bottles. It keeps your wines at the proper room temperature for long term storage. This Avanti unit comes with a convenient stainless steel glass door with a dual-rack design for large wine storage. This door has an internal magnetic closure that prevents it from opening accidentally. It features a slim design and a four-foot cord to connect the storage unit with your home entertainment system.

The Thermoelectric Wine Fridge from Audiocraft is a perfect addition to any home entertainment center. This digital wine cooler is a great size for the kitchen. The Thermoelectric wine cooler is also perfect for wine tasting parties or even as a picnic table when it is placed outside. It has an aluminum frame and a stainless steel door with a wood digital display.

The Thermoecake cooler offers both digital and standard controls and an interior LED light that illuminates the exterior and interior of the unit. This digital temperature controller allows for precise temperature setting adjustments. The digital control displays are large, high resolution, and easy to read. There is also a digital temperature gauge with an interior LED light that shows the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have a premium wine collection, then there are several digital wine coolers on the market that can help keep your bottles at the right temperature without weighing down your refrigerator. The Right Price Digital Wine Cooler by Intermatic is a premium wine cooling unit that comes in a stylish stainless steel case. It is perfect for a home entertainment center and comes with a digital display that offers you precise temperature adjustments. It also has two-year warranty and comes complete with thermometer, digital multi-metre probe, digital thermometer, adjustable rack and pin rack, vacuum chamber, stainless steel food grade nylon rack and a premium French door with a fold-out basket.

The Coromandel Digital Wine Cooler by Intermatic is a premium wine storage cooler that comes complete with an stainless steel interior door, wood front, digital thermometer, glass door, food grade silicone hose, adjustable rack and pin rack, vacuum chamber and premium French door with a fold-out basket. This wine storage cooler has a total of twelve bottle holders. The Coromandel has been designed to prevent slacking which is common with unsteady stools. It keeps your wine at the perfect temperature for up to three months.

Digital Intermatic Premium Cooler by Intermatic is another stainless steel cooler that features a digital thermometer, digital display, stainless steel interior door and digital multi-metre probe. These wine coolers are also accompanied with a digital wine decanter and a digital air cooler. This premium quality product has been designed to maintain a constant internal temperature of 17 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an interlocked design that allows easy access to its controls. You also get a digital temperature meter, digital cup rack, an interior light and a wood door seal.

Digital French Door Premium Cooler by Intermatic has all the qualities that a consumer needs in a wine fridge including multi-metre stainless steel interior door, digital thermostat, insulated decanter, wood cabinet, front glass door, front door frost, adjustable rack and pin rack. It has an optimized cooling capacity of eight hundred and fifty litres. It comes with a digital air cooler and a digital wine decanter.